The 5-week

Five weeks, ten photoshoot themes, and a diverse portfolio of brilliant professional images.

Over five exciting evenings, you'll participate in ten professional fashion shoots, working with professional makeup artists and photographers, exploring and developing your identity as a unique, confident model.

Every week you'll gain new images for your portfolio as you gradually develop your image, grow your social media network and make new professional contacts.

Every session is intensely practical, challenging and fun. Your makeup will be done professionally, we'll work with top local fashion designers, and experiment with different looks and moods in every shoot.

You'll receive constant guidance and advice from professional photographer Jeremy Phillips, as well as a team of top makeup artists and experienced model mentors, all in the surroundings of beautiful River Road Studios - where many of Perth's top fashion design teams shoot.

The MDP Difference

Our course is designed to give you the maximum amount of practical experience, so every night of the course is a major fashion photoshoot.

We don't try to push everyone into the same mould, our goal is for you to discover and develop your own unique identity as a model, and become confident in your own unique beauty. We also have discussion sessions every night, for you to learn about all the practical aspects of a modelling career, from managing social media, tips for maintaining proper grooming, and how to build professional connections in the industry.

FAST photo turnaround

Unlike other courses that make you wait months for your photos, we deliver your photos from each shoot within seven days of shooting. That means you actually get your photos back week to week as you go through the course. We believe that it is important that you see the results of your previous shoot before you do the next one, so that you can build your confidence as you go, and learn what works for you in the images.

More images

Upon completion of the course, you'll have a portfolio of TWENTY different images from TEN unique photoshoot themes - giving you the perfect images to show off a great range of styles. Each night we'll shoot a beauty portrait look and a styled editorial look, with different lighting and backgrounds, to create two very different sets of images from each hair and makeup look.

Our Designers

We include top local designers in the photoshoots, such as Jonté Designs, Natalie Rolt, Ela & Jackson, and Daphne Wong.

Not only will your images benefit from such high-end fashion, you'll also go out into the industry with an impressive photographic background of modelling well-known designer couture.

(Jada Williams wears Natalie Rolt, MDP 2016)

About the team

Jeremy Phillips - Photographer

Jeremy has over 25 years of experience in model photography, and is the director of River Road Studios. He is one of Perth's most well-respected photography trainers, and teaches the art of model direction to other photographers. He specialises in photographing dance, beauty and fashion.

We also sometimes introduce guest photographers to our course, for added variety and networking value.

The Hair & Makeup Team

Our makeup team is made up of the small group of elite makeup artists that Jeremy uses in all his professional work. They are able to deliver a broad range of amazing looks for our photoshoots, as well as providing the models with personalised advice on their makeup, beauty and skincare.

Model Mentors

We include experienced models in most photoshoots, in order to provide support and advice to our students as they participate alongside them. This provides a constant resource of advice and encouragement as you learn, helping our students to soak up general industry knowledge.

Course schedule

Start any Wednesday night you like!

The course comprises five photoshoot nights, each of the five covering different portfolio material. The course runs every Wednesday night, so you can start on any Wednesday, do five consecutive weeks and cover all five areas.

If you're unable to attend a particular session, you can simply return the next time we are running that topic five weeks later.

You can start at 6:00PM or 6:45PM each Wednesday evening, whichever time suits you best.


The total cost of the full programme is $895.00. A deposit of $200.00 is required to book your place, with the remainder payable before your second class commences. This cost includes 20 images provided in high resolution files, there are no hidden extras or additional financial costs.

Application Form

Full name
Date of birth

(Must be 14+)

Name of parent or guardian
(if under 18yrs)
Desired start date
Clothing sizes
Dress size:
Shoe size:
Height (cm):
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Bust (cm):
Waist (cm):
Hips (cm):
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This form is not confirmed registration in the course, it is an application only.

We will be in touch very soon to confirm your registration and arrange payment if your application is successful.

Terms & conditions

Course participants are required to attend the prescribed sessions as scheduled, no compensation or refund will be provided in the event that participants are unable to attend or fail to attend some sessions. Registration for the course constitutes an undertaking to pay for the course in full, although consideration may be made where there is good reason the participant is unable to attend the course as planned. The client may also make prior arrangements to attend a subsequent replacement session.

Photographs provided as part of the course are provided as-is, and cannot be substituted or altered. Participants, or legal guardians undertaking this agreement on their behalf, give their permission that names and images of the participants may be used by River Road Studios in the promotion of this and future courses. We will not sell or provide your images or contact information to third parties for commercial use unrelated to the courses. Each participant is are granted unrestricted use of the images of themselves provided as part of the product, with the one exception that the images cannot be provided to third parties for commercial use other than promotion of the model.

No liability is accepted for any loss or disadvantage incurred as a result of participation in the course.

It is not guaranteed that every participant will be photographed in clothes by every promoted designer, as there will be more than one designer's clothes used on some shoots. The organisers reserve the right to make any changes to personnel or designers as may become necessary.




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